Learning has never been so much Fun!

Learning has never been so much Fun!

Each year of teaching provides continuous formation and revision, enabling children to learn English and become bilingual. We make sure that each student individually grows, and learns new skills, but also participates and learns to work as a team.

Jolly good English school uses a child centred approach that helps children form a very young age fully understand English. A thorough foundation for pronunciation, reading and writing along with Vocabulary, crafts and games make the classes’ fun.

We make learning fun with a multi-sensory approach and our specialists with Jolly Phonics and Grammar will take the students on a magical journey, together with Inky, Bee and Snake they will learn with full comprehension and understanding English.

Also at Jolly Good English Academy we provide year round English courses for all levels and exam preparation courses.

We prepare students for Cambridge English exams. Our team of professionals can guarantee that learning English can be fun as well as fundamental.

Our experienced teachers, a superb nationality mix will enhance any area of teaching. And well-equipped and modern class rooms will give the students a memorable experience whilst learning a second language.