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Hello, a bit about me.

Born in London. I have been teaching English in Spain for over 15 years. I have always loved my job, and each day is more inspiring. As well as being a fully qualified teacher I am also an official Jolly learning teacher trainer, who when is not in her nursery or academy is traveling around Spain teacher training others to learn the method of Jolly Phonics and Jolly grammar.


Internet combination of qualifications for the UEL London for primary education and polytechnic courses: PGDE Certificate - English Teacher UAL - Certificate of Merit for teaching English level for commercial use (official languages chamber of commerce) -Certificate of formation Trinity college - Jolly Phonics training certificates - Jolly Grammar training certificates - Jolly Trainer certificate – Jolly Music trainer diploma-Various degrees for teaching and formation- Exam preps Cambridge university – Tefl degree -

Work Experience

1996/1998 Assistant English teacher for private nurseries (1-3 years) 2001/2007 Private teaching classes and small groups in Almeria area. (all ages) 2008/2009 Trinity college teacher in Agave school Almeria (all ages) 2008/2010 International language school Almeria 2009/2010 Inem English courses for B1 and B2 Almeria (adults) 2009/2010 English course for Cajamar and Costa Almeria (adults) 2010/2011 English primary and infant teacher Misioneras de la providencia School Salamanca (primary) 2013/2015 Phonics center Academia Almeria (all ages) 2013 - present Guarderia infantil Casita de Chocolate (infantil) Almeria 2014- present Guarderia infantil El Rancho Almeria (infantil) 2014/2015Guarderia Castillo de arena Almeria (infantil).2015/ Jolly Good English Academy (Teacher, trainer and owner)

When you have the opportunity to teach what you love and share what you know to others and can grow with them. You know that you are doing it right and living the dream.

Personal Experience

I feel wonderful, and greatly enjoy my job which involves many varied tasks.

Yes, I can say that after years of working for others I made the frightening step to go solo and open my own little school. I wanted to try and change the way of teaching young learners here in Spain, although I can say that there are some fantastic teachers and fellow trainers out there on a mission similar to mine.

I'm not just a teacher teaching English courses to various levels and ages, which I enormously enjoy, I have over the years specialized in Jolly phonics and Jolly grammar, which for me has been one of the most gratifying parts of my job, becoming a teacher trainer, and being able to help other teachers in my position to fully understand and have the knowledge to use these programmes. I have been teaching to very young learners for many years, and have seen how with continued formation they do not learn English, they become bilingual.

As a teacher in a C.E.I and in my own school using Jolly phonics, grammar and Jolly music, which I have found to be fundamental methods for ESL teaching. Both for infant and primary students I also impart classes and prepare exams for Cambridge starters, movers, flyers, A2-C1 as well as oral classes and business groups for several different company efficient projects. All of this o during Monday to Thursday, then on weekends I travel around Spain hosting teacher training events. Sounds exhausting I know, but I have to say I absolutely love what I do and would not work any other way.



Thank you for trusting us during this year’s course 2016/2017 at Jolly good English

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Teachers Trained

An enormous thanks to all of the marvellous teachers who have trusted and confined within me to assist Jolly training during the last year


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